Former Health Department Building at Expo Square Will be Empty Soon

Aug 4, 2014

Tulsa County commissioners agree that the old health department building at Expo Square isn’t cutting it as housing for IT infrastructure.

County Public Information Officer Michael Willis said the county is ready to take action.

"We're planning on moving some of those resources out to a different location. We're planning on moving them to the OSU Extension building," Willis said. "It's going to be a joint project between the city and county because the infrastructure is actually owned by both entities."

Vandalism and a nonworking heating and cooling system are behind the move. The City of Tulsa will pay to move fiber optic cables across the fairgrounds.

Willis said it means the current building will be available for another use.

"We'll have free rein of use of that building in the future," Willis said. "We're not sure exactly what's going to happen with the building, but we want to make sure that we move [the network infrastructure] over to a different location so we'll be able to use it."

Early estimates say it will take $15,000 to get the old building ready for use.