Flu Shots Not Free

Tulsa, Okla. – The Health Department has not escaped those budget squeezes so common these days. Flu shots, which last year were free, this season will cost $25.

"Children 18 years of age and younger that don't have health insurance that will pay for the vaccine will not be charged," said Janice Sheehan, Manager of Communicable Disease Control for the Tulsa Health Department. "Also Medicare patients that don't have an HMO or the secondary insurance won't be charged either."

Another change from last year is that the usual seasonal strains of flu plus H1N1 will all be included in one shot.

Sheehan expects vaccines to be available starting October 4. While the Health Department does not yet know how many vaccinations the Tulsa area will receive, Sheehan says the number is usually around 40,000.