Fish Advisory

Tulsa, OK – The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality is issuing a fish consumption advisory for several Oklahoma lakes. The closest to the Tulsa area is Lake Heyburn in Creek County.

The DEQ says while the fish are safe to eat, consumption should be limited because of mercury in the fish.

The consumption advisories are the result of three years of testing done by DEQ with the cooperation of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC). Many of Oklahoma's lakes have been tested to determine mercury levels. Only the 16 lakes listed above have specific advisories for mercury. For lakes that do not have specific advisories and lakes that have not been tested, DEQ encourages following the general guidance for fish consumption. DEQ's general guidance recommends that the sensitive population (women of child bearing age and children up to the age of 15) should eat no more than one meal per week of predator fish, which includes largemouth, smallmouth, spotted, white, striped, or hybrid bass, walleye, saugeye, and flathead catfish. In an effort to reduce exposure to mercury, everyone should eat smaller fish and eat a variety of fish.

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