Finding Fortune at Tulsa Fair

Tulsa, OK – Nearly $300,000 found for Okla. fairgoers

TULSA, Okla. (AP) Oklahoma State Treasurer Scott Meacham's office says cash and stock worth nearly $300,000 was found for 464 people attending the 2010 Tulsa State Fair.

Meacham's office announced Monday that employees dug up $298,304 for those who visited the treasurer's "Pot of Gold" booth in the Quik Trip Center. The largest single amount was more than $88,000 in stock for an Owasso woman.

In September, Meacham and his staff found nearly $400,000 for more than 500 visitors to the Oklahoma State Fair in Oklahoma City.

Unclaimed property includes bank accounts, royalties, rebates, stock and bonds.

The cash and property are turned over to the State Treasurer's office when the businesses holding them lose track of the owners.



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