Escaping the Dirty Air List

Tulsa, OK – On Saturday, September 26th at River Parks 41st Street Plaza, the Ozone Alert! Program will host a come-and-go End of Season event to celebrate the successful ozone season. The 19th Ozone Alert! Season officially ends with the Tulsa area staying off the Environmental Protection Agency's dirty air list. The end event will celebrate the choices that Tulsan's made all summer long have to keep our air healthy.
The Ozone Alert! Program brings citizens, business, industry and government in the Tulsa metropolitan area together to voluntarily reduce ozone-forming emissions on days vulnerable to high ozone levels. Going into the 2009 ozone season, it was assumed very likely that Tulsa would be in violation of the EPA's standard of 0.075 parts per million by the summer's end. However, this season ends successfully! Smart and cleaner choices plus cooler weather brought just six days of ozone exceedances - - and Tulsa can again celebrate staying OFF the dirty air list!
"Many Ozone Alert! Company Coordinators doing their part, local area businesses helping out, the entire community taking necessary action steps all summer long - that's what the Ozone Alert! Program is all about" states Nancy Graham, INCOG's Air Quality Program Manager.
The Ozone Alert! Program works toward cleaner air quality because of the many business, citizen and local organization's all doing their part. Ozone Alert! Partners and the public are invited out to River Parks on the 26th to celebrate the season's end and cleaner air quality. Ozone Alert! works because of many supporting partners. On hand at the event, River Parks will be demonstrating how they've been doing their part by using cleaner, propane powered mowing services. Propane fuel emits less ozone-forming emissions than regular gas mowers. Also on display will be River Parks' Smart Car as well as a demonstration of their unique and clean' watering system for plants and flowers. The River Parks Authority uses a manual powered bicycle watering system rather than the traditional gasoline - and polluting - truck.
The Tulsa Area successfully working together for cleaner air is the reason for the celebration. Public officials will be available for interview and photo opportunity between 3:30 PM and 4:30PM on Sat. the 26th. Additionally, the 2009 Ozone Season Final Report Card' will be presented. The public celebration will continue through 6PM with free snacks and give-a-ways.
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