"The English American" --- Meet Author, Actor, and Stand-Up Comic Alison Larkin

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On today's show, we speak by phone with Alison Larkin, author of the acclaimed semi-autobiographical novel, "The English American," which was recently released in paperback, and which is now being made into a film. This novel is also based upon Larkin's popular one-woman show by the same name. Larkin will be doing several appearances in Tulsa, in connection to this novel and its various key themes, over the coming weekend. One of these appearances will be on Saturday the 13th at 7:00 pm --- it's "An Evening with Alison Larkin" at the Union High School Performing Arts Center. (For more information, please visit http://alisonlarkin.com/appearances.htm.) As we learn on today's program, Larkin is a charming, thoughtful, and quite witty expert on adoption issues that can occur throughout the lifespan. In short, she tells great stories, and tells them well --- including her own.