Dyslexia Urged to be Recognized in Schools

Feb 19, 2014

Carrie Brown recognizing Dyslexia Day at the State Capitol.
Credit KWGS News File Photo

Efforts are under way to improve teaching techniques to serve children with dyslexia. Carrie Brown, with the Payne Alphabet Phonics program, says Oklahoma schools need to address dyslexia.

"In  the 30 years that Payne has been a non-profit in Oklahoma City, children with dyslexia have not been served specifically in the schools, with dyslexia being a specific learning disability, which has been recognized in all of the federal and state statutes."

According to Brown, Oklahoma is behind the curve in serving children with the learning disability. She says the state’s tardiness in recognizing dyslexia has put children at risk.

"Because it was not recognized until two years ago, 20% of our children in the state of Oklahoma have not received appropriate educational services in the schools in order to address this situation."

Today is recognized as Dyslexia Day at the State Capitol.