Dr. Lawrence Lezotte, Winner of the 2009 Brock International Prize in Education.

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Our guest today on StudioTulsa is Dr. Lawrence Lezotte. He was recently awarded the prestigious Brock International Prize in Education, which is jointly given out each year by the University of Oklahoma, the University of Tulsa, and Oklahoma State University. Dr. Lezotte has long been known as the preeminent spokesperson for the Effective Schools movement, which emphasizes through ongoing research and implementation the "Seven Correlates of Effective Schools" --- a system of seven interrelated educational standards that Dr. Lezotte has written and lectured about often. (For more information, visit www.effectiveschools.com.) As he tells our host Rich Fisher on today's program, these seven components are much like the seven parts of a metaphorical engine: no one item is the single most important part of the engine; they are all crucial if the engine --- or school --- is to run successfully.