District 71 mess gets messier

Apr 11, 2012

Here is the problem:

2,833 ballots were cast, according to the ballot box machine. The Tulsa County Election Board can only account for 2,831. Even after finding two ballots after yesterday’s recount that changed the outcome, two more ballots are still missing.

Judge Damon Cantrell met with attorneys representing both candidates in the Special District 71 State House race. On election night, Democrat Dan Arthrell won the race by three votes. In yesterday’s recount, Republican Katie Henke won by one vote. However, the total ballots counted on election night and yesterday were not the same. Four ballots were missing.

Judge Cantrell told the attorneys today, he will consider holding a hearing Monday afternoon. A problem arises because the state election board is set to certify the ballot results Monday morning.  If that takes place Henke could be confirmed as the winner and take the oath of office before any hearing is held. She was not at today’s courthouse meeting.