DHS Pay Hikes

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Lawmaker rips raises to DHS officials

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) A state lawmaker is criticizing the Department of Human Services for giving pay raises to administrators as the agency cuts senior nutrition programs.

Rep. Randy Terrill of Moore says 29 of the top 36 administrators at the agency received raises in the past year. They ranged between $135 per month to an additional $1,894 per month.

The pay raises totaled $16,380 per month and $196,560 per year.

Terrill says the raises were given at a time when the state's economic situation was bad and getting worse. He says it's hard to believe DHS could not find any way to save money other than cutting nutritional programs for the elderly.

The agency has cut $7.4 million from senior nutrition programs to cope with declining state revenue.