Details on Tulsa Recovery

Tulsa, OK – Public Works is still working around the clock with spreaders assigned to 35 specific routes totaling 1,750 lane-miles. Spreading and plowing routes are prioritized based on traffic counts. There are 118 secondary arterials. These streets are in neighborhoods and run the length of a square mile, between arterial roadways. Crews divided the city into west, central and east sections, and began clearing in the most populated areas within each section first.

Below is the summary of work:

Regular Hours Worked: 4,013
Overtime Hours: 5,315
Arterial Miles Plowed: 36,071
Straight Salt Tons Applied: 1,825.50
Salt-Sand Mix Tons Applied: 8
Arterial Lane Miles Treated-Driven: 13,130

Plowing and treating continues on primary arterials. Most have four lanes open - but there are some four lanes, that are down to one lane in each direction. Secondary arterials are passable with the help of front loaders, backhoes and other equipment from Public Works (surface drainage and wastewater crews). Public Works also has two of our largest contractors working on secondary arterials - Lot Maintenance and EarthSmart.

Fire Truck Engines are still driving neighborhood streets to help with packing snow and ruts. Public Works Crews are also responding to Tulsa County's request to help clear streets by election precinct locations.