A Conversation with Rev. Fred Plumer of the Center for Progressive Christianity

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Today, we speak with Rev. Fred Plumer, Executive Director of the Center for Progressive Christianity in Gig Harbor, Washington. Rev. Plumer will be leading a day-long workshop here in Tulsa on Saturday the 25th at Fellowship Congregational Church --- and he joins us by phone on StudioTulsa for a more general discussion about current trends and traditions in American religious life. Why are attendance numbers dropping so dramatically in all sorts of houses of worship? Why have the so-called "mega-churches" attracted so many followers? How has religious education in our nation's seminaries and divinity schools changed over the last generation (or two, or three)? And what sorts of life-lessons or learning experiences might be found in both the pursuit and practice of interfaith religious tolerance? Such are the questions we explore on today's program.