Community Colleges Take It On the (Budget) Chin

Jul 17, 2017

Credit KWGS News File Photo


While Oklahoma's four-year colleges and universities have grabbed the spotlight, it is Oklahoma’s Community Colleges that seem to be struggling the most with the new state budget.

About half of those people enrolling in higher-ed in Oklahoma begin in community college. The 12 schools in the state, including Tulsa’s Community College,  have lost a combined 41-million dollars since 2015.  828 course offerings have been eliminated at the schools.

There are strong fears that the problem could get worse, if the State Supreme Court strikes down revenue enhancement measures approved during the last week on the legsialtive session. Revenue bills cannot be considered in the last week.

The Supreme Court is expected to take up the measure next month. The court's ruling could add choas to the new fall semester at the schools.