Classical Training and Celtic Traditions Combine Forces in the Tulsa-Based Musical Trio Known as Crossroads

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Today, we hear from musician Dana Maher, who's on the piano faculty at both the University of Tulsa and the Barthelmes Conservatory, and who's also Principal Pianist for Tulsa's Signature Symphony. But we're speaking with Maher about another of her musical endeavors --- namely, Crossroads, the locally-based Celtic-music trio for which she plays the harp, sings, and occasionally taps a drum known as the bodhran. Crossroads will be performing tomorrow night, Thursday the 1st, at the Tulsa PAC (as part of this year's SummerStage festival). Also, a few months ago --- back in March --- this band released its debut CD, "The Upstairs Sessions." As Maher tells our host Rich Fisher on today's program, with each performance, Crossroads aims to deliver a musical experience that's adept, inclusive, and enriching --- an evening that's polished and informative yet also casual and heart-warming. While this is a band that has only been around for about a year now, in other words, they really know what they're doing. You can learn more about Crossroads at, and more about their upcoming show at the PAC at