Care Givers At Risk

Jun 20, 2013

Credit File Photo

A new survey shows that adult family members, trying to be care givers for elderly parents,  are often putting their own health at risk.

The report says 74-percent of are fatigued and another 37-percent are depressed. Home Instead Senior Care’s Andrew Garrean in Tulsa is not surprised by the stats.

Garrean: " Most family care-givers start out as a daughter or son and do a few things for mom or dad. Before they know it, they are consumed. Recognizing you are in a dangerous situation for yourself is step number one."                         

He says step number two is asking for help to give yourself a respite, even if that break is only a couple of hours.

Women report more psychological distress.  While,  Garrean says,  men report higher blood pressure and a higher likelihood of obesity.