Bixby Investigation Moves Forward

Jan 12, 2018

Credit Google Street View

The embattled Bixby School Board begins the search for a new superintendent. The board is looking for a replacement for Doctor Kyle Wood who resigned under pressure. This is all tied to the sexual assault of a football player by other team members and what many feel was the untimely reporting of the crime.

The board released the following statement:

As we settle into the second semester, it seems appropriate to share some information about the recent events in Bixby School district. First, there is no statement that will fully satisfy everyone nor fully explain the events that have occurred. And that is primarily due to the fact that students and employees have a legal right to confidentiality. And the district cannot – and will not – breach confidentiality to answer these questions. Second, the BPS Board, in conjunction with our district’s attorney, has concluded its investigation and several actions have been taken in response to the results of the investigation. We have undergone a significant public change with the departure of our former superintendent. And as a result, BPS is now beginning the search for a new superintendent. Internal actions include review and revision of our policies and code of conduct, training of administrators and staff, and review of any possible changes that could improve our administrative structure, communication, or even evaluation processes. Any and all steps taken will be taken for the sole purpose of improvement: we are fully committed to a strong, safe, and positive culture for everyone. Additionally, Bixby Public Schools will continue to cooperate with any ongoing legal investigations. We are required to adhere to legal processes and rules, and we WILL cooperate with law enforcement agencies and investigators. For the sake of our students and employees, it is time that we return our focus to educating our students. We are committed to this district, our students, and our community. We recognize the work ahead of us, and we are prepared to embrace it. As always, we appreciate the support from our parents and patrons. We will get through this together!