"Baby Veronica" Case Comes to an End

Oct 10, 2013

(From left) Robin Brown, Cherokee Nation Assistant Attorney General Chrissi Nimmo, Dusten Brown and attorney Robert Nigh sit at a press conference announcing Dusten will drop all litigation pending in Oklahoma and Cherokee courts involving his biological daughter, Veronica.
Credit Matt Trotter / KWGS

The custody dispute that's lasted for the entirety of Veronica Brown's four-year-old life is officially over.

"As of today, Dusten Brown and Cherokee Nation have jointly moved to dismiss all pending litigation in Oklahoma and in Cherokee courts," said Cherokee Nation Assistant Attorney General Chrissi Nimmo. 

Cherokee Nation will not pursue any further appeals in the case.

Reading from a statement, Nimmo called for adoptive parents Matt and Melanie Capobianco to honor an agreement allowing Brown contact with Veronica.

Nimmo also asked the Capobiancos to drop civil and criminal cases against Brown.

"Dusten is here today letting go of the past and asking to move forward," Nimmo said. "But he cannot do that — and you cannot do that — with continued litigation."

Brown, his hands shaking, read from his own statement to close the 10-minute press conference.

"It was the love for my daughter that kept me going all this time," Brown said. "But it was also the love for my daughter that finally gave me the strength to accept things that are beyond my control."

Brown last month turned the girl over to the Capobiancos after the Oklahoma Supreme Court lifted an order keeping her in the state.