Arts Patrons Expected to Lobby Tulsa Council

May 7, 2014

Credit KWGS News File Photo

Mayor Bartlett's proposed city budget drastically trims funding for arts programs in Tulsa as well as eliminating many school crossing guards. The $673-million spending plan is come $28-million less than the current year.

The plan trims staff at the Performing Arts Center and  shutters a theater program at the Henthorne Park Performing Arts Center.

The plan also calls for eliminating 66-school crossing guard positions. That has many parents upset.

The City Council will have until the end of June to make any changes to the Mayor's proposal. It must be in place by the beginning of the new fiscal year which starts July 1st.

The Mayor and the Council are already hearing from arts and school district patrons.  They feel the Mayor is trying to balance the budget on the back of the arts and school safety.