Arraignment for Accused Tulsa Courthouse Shooter

Jan 3, 2013

Andrew Dennehy on the court house plaza the day of the shooting.
Credit John Fancher/Tulsa Library

TULSA, Okla. (AP) — Arraignment is scheduled for a 24-year-old man charged with shooting into a crowded Tulsa plaza and wounding a sheriff's deputy and a bystander.

Andrew Dennehy is scheduled for district court arraignment Thursday afternoon.

Dennehy faces shooting with intent to kill and firearms charges. His family and attorney say he's a paranoid schizophrenic plagued by bizarre thoughts and delusions. Prosecutors say he's bluffing and understands the charges against him.

Prosecutors allege Dennehy wandered barefoot into the plaza between the Tulsa County courthouse and Tulsa Central Library last March and fired a handgun — sending people fleeing in panic and injuring a the deputy and bystander.

Dennehy was also wounded when deputies arrived and returned fire.

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