The "Arab Spring" and U.S. Foreign Policy: A Conversation with Ambassador John Maisto

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On this edition of StudioTulsa, we speak with Ambassador John Maisto (Ret.), a former career diplomat who served the U.S. Government, over the course of a three-decade career, in Venezuela, Nicaragua, the Philippines, and elsewhere. Ambassador Maisto is now the chairman of the board of advisors for the American Committees on Foreign Relations, an organization which includes, among other bodies, our own Tulsa Committee on Foreign Relations. He's also a director of the Miami-based U.S. Education Finance Group and a board member of the Washington-based International Student Exchange Program (ISEP). A veteran consultant, speaker, and writer on such interrelated subjects as U.S. policy in the Americas, democratic transitions, and security, Ambassador Maisto will address the Tulsa Committee on Foreign Relations tonight (Tuesday the 17th) on the following topic, as the so-called "Arab Spring" rolls onward: "Transitions to Democracy and U.S. Policy --- Never Easy!" (For more information on this address, and on Maisto's career, please visit