Against the Efforts of Save Our Tulsa

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Last week on this program, we spoke with John Brock, a representative of the nonprofit group known as Save Our Tulsa. This group is currently collecting signatures in support of initiatives that, if eventually put on a ballot and passed, would significantly amend the City of Tulsa's governmental structure. One such amendment would be the addition of three at-large members to the city council. Today, we hear arguments against the efforts of Save Our Tulsa. Our guest is local attorney Greg Bledsoe, who leads a coalition known as Tulsans Defending Democracy. This coalition was initially formed here in Tulsa four or five years ago, which is last when the idea of possibly adding three citywide members to our city council started to gain traction. As Bledsoe tells us on today's StudioTulsa, Tulsans Defending Democracy has recently reformed --- and the reasons for its objections this time around are much in line with the arguments it made in 2005 and 2006. Also on our show today, a rather tenacious meditation from our commentator Connie Cronley: "On Vines."