The 2010 Big Brother of the Year: TU's Own --- and Public Radio Tulsa's Own --- Art Rasher

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On this edition of StudioTulsa, a special chat with a member of our own Public Radio Tulsa team, Mr. Art Rasher, of whom we are very proud. Art --- who's long been a co-host of this radio station's Sunday-morning "Business World" show, and who's likewise long been a professor of management here at the University of Tulsa --- was recently named the 2010 Big Brother of the Year by Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. As he tells us on today's show, Art met his Little Brother, Victor, nearly nine years ago in a Big Brothers Big Sisters school-based program here in Tulsa (at Kendall-Whittier Elementary, very near the TU campus). The two eventually hit it off remarkably well --- Victor and Art became great friends, and have remained such. Art, it turns out, has been an intellectual and academic mentor to Victor, as well as a personal one. Victor, in turn, has come to excel as a student --- and he will probably (in a few years, after he graduates from Booker T. Washington High School) register as a freshman at one of America's leading colleges or universities. In fact, we had to reach Art by phone for our interview today, since he and Victor are currently looking at college campuses in and around Vermont and New Hampshire. Moreover, as Art tells us, he and Victor were recently invited to the White House --- whereupon President Obama chatted with Art for more than half an hour, congratulating him for receiving the Big Brother of the Year award and thanking him for his laudable, community-minded service as a mentor. Also on today's edition of our show, commentator Barry Friedman offers a few thoughts and recollections regarding the recent Father's Day holiday.