118 West Nile Cases in Oklahoma Break Record

Sep 4, 2012

The latest West Nile virus numbers are out: 118 cases in Oklahoma is a new record.

Tulsa Health Department’s, Kaitlin Snider, says you should avoid outdoor activities during the dusk and dawn hours and be sure to use bug spray.

“It’s still going to be a threat as we go into the fall,” she said. “West Nile virus can last through October. We really just want to community to take precaution to avoid mosquito bites.”

She says mosquito populations are controlled in the spring and summer with its mosquito spraying program.

“We are tracking mosquitoes throughout Tulsa County. We are testing them to see if they test positive for West Nile virus,” she said. “In the areas where they have tested positive, we go back and make sure we spray those areas.”

Two people have died in Tulsa County, seven in Oklahoma.

Most people never show symptoms, but be sure to see your doctor if you develop severe flu-like symptoms after being bitten by a mosquito.