Winter weather

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It’s the first real cold snap of winter, and you are cautioned to take measures to stay warm and safe. Kelli Bruer with EMSA says they’ve already responded to a handful of cold exposure calls. She says planning ahead is the key. Recommendations  include, dress in layers and cover up from head to toe, keep a blanket and water in the car…just in case, and learn symptoms of hypothermia so you can take necessary action. She also says it’s a good idea to check on elderly neighbors and relatives to make sure they’re safe in the cold.


The winter weather means slippery roadways, but sidewalks are also a danger. EMSA has been busy responding to quite a few more traffic collision calls than normal since the winter weather moved into the area.

Kelli Bruer with EMSA says they’ve also responded to people slipping and falling inside and outside. She says be careful when walking on untreated walkways, wear good shoes, and dry shoes off once you get back inside.

She says it’s been a while since we’ve seen any real snow accumulation in the Tulsa area, so people need to be extra cautious on roads and sidewalks.