National Weather Service-Tulsa

The National Weather Service in Tulsa is advising of a 50% chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon heat. Any thunderstorm that does develop will have a chance to become severe.

There is also a risked of more sudden microburst down drafts. Those are caused when a thunderstorm collapses and winds gust out. When those winds hit the ground, they spread out and can cause wide spread damage.

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TULSA, Okla. (AP) — Oklahoma — and not Texas as first thought — had the hottest summer in U.S. history last year, inching out the Lone Star state by two-tenths of a degree.

In the final tally, national climatologists say Oklahoma's summer averaged 86.9 degrees and Texas came in at 86.7 degrees.

Deke Arndt of the National Climatic Data Center says Oklahoma surpassed its own heat record of 85.2 degrees set in 1934.

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OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The Oklahoma Climatological Survey says the state has just set a new mark for the warmest spring on record.

The agency said Friday that temperatures from March through May averaged 65.1 degrees.

That's 2.2 degrees warmer than the old mark of 62.9 degrees set in 2002. The 2012 temperature average was also 6 degrees above normal.

The statewide average temperature for May was 72.2 degrees, which was the fifth-warmest on record. March this year was the warmest ever recorded in Oklahoma.

Jan.-April Okla. temperatures warmest on record

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The Oklahoma Climatological Survey reports that the average daily temperature from January through April is the warmest on record in the state.

The four month stretch includes the warmest March ever recorded in Oklahoma in records that date to 1895.

Associate state Climatologist Gary McManus says the average daily temperature for the four months was 52.3 degrees — 5.5 degrees above normal — to break the previous record of 51.4 degrees set from January through April 1986.