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The latest figures show unemployment in the Tulsa Metro area up for the first time in several months. John Carpenter is with the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission. He says the rate for June rose four-tenths of a point to 5.7 percent. It’s the first rise in those out of a job in the Tulsa area in several months.

Carpenter says Tulsa’s unemployment rate is still much lower than the national average. Statistics for the entire state will be released later this month.

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OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The unemployment rate fell by a tenth of a percentage point in June to a seasonally adjusted unemployment rate of 4.7 percent.

The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission said Friday that 3,200 jobs were added in the state from May to June and that the number of jobless fell by 340.

The leisure and hospitality industry added 1,400 jobs during the month while 900 jobs were added in the financial services sector and the construction industry added 800 jobs.

Unemployment in Tulsa UP in May

Jun 27, 2012
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The Tulsa Metropolitan  Unemployment rate increased last month. The figures were released today.

The report shows the number of people out of work in the Tulsa Metro to be at 5.5% . The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission’s John Carpenter says the April rate was4.9%t.

The May figure is still well below the national average and below the Tulsa average for the same period last year.

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It’s another sign of economic resurgence in Oklahoma as hundreds of hopefuls go for interviews at a job fair in East Tulsa. Fair organizers say companies, especially those in the manufacturing industry, are hiring. More than 30 firms participate in the fair, looking to fill positions from entry level to upper management. One of those hoping for a job is John Hogshooter, who isn’t having much luck in the construction business back home. He says he drove hundreds of miles to attend the event here in Tulsa.

More Oklahomans Working

Apr 20, 2012

Another tumble in the Oklahoma unemployment rate! Figures released today show the state rate dropped last month to 5.4%. That is down six-tenths of one percent.

The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission’s John Carpenter says most of the long-term unemployed have now found work. He says employment in the state was up by 10,000 workers last month.

The Oklahoma rate is well below the national average for March, which was 8.2%

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The latest Oklahoma statewide unemployment figures are out, and more people had jobs. John Carpenter with the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission says in February the unemployment rate dropped a tenth of a point to 6.0 percent.


It’s the second straight month unemployment has dropped in Oklahoma.The county by county unemployment numbers won't be out until April 10th.

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Employment statistics show Latimer County had the highest unemployment rate in Oklahoma in January at 11.3 percent.

That's more than 5 percentage points higher than the state average of 6.1 percent.

A county-by-county breakdown from the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission puts Latimer at the highest rate, followed by Hughes County at 10.6 percent and Sequoyah County at 10.4 percent.

The lowest rate was in Roger Mills County, at 2.8 percent. Dewey and Ellis counties were at 3 percent, followed by Beaver County at 3.2 percent.