Tulsa Trash Board

KWGS News File photo


It’s day one of Tulsa’s new trash-pickup system: so far, so good, according to the City.

“I wish there was something exciting to report,” said the City’s Liz Hunt. “For those residents who have a Monday collection day, those routes are being serviced.”

She says residents should be sure to bag their trash.

Recycling pickup is currently suspended, “until customers receive their new refuse and recycling carts,” Hunt said.

Delivery of those carts will begin the week of July 16, and customers can start to use the carts as soon as they receive them.

After citizen complaints and pressure from city councilors, the Tulsa trash board decides to allow you to choose your refuse cart size after all. The original plan was for everyone to start with the largest size and wait three months before making a change. Not a popular plan with residents or councilors like Phil Lakin, who doesn’t understand why small trash generators would have to use the large carts, even for a short amount of time.