Tulsa State Fair

Tulsa state fair

For the first time in four and a half decades, there’s a new ride vendor on the midway at the Tulsa State Fair. Marketing Supervisor for the fair, Sarah Thompson, says an Indiana company replaces locally based Murphy Brothers, the company that had the ride vendor contract the past 45 years.

Of the 60 rides provided by North American, at least a dozen are new to  the Tulsa Fair. Others are the same or similar to last year’s rides. The midway is open until 11pm most nights during the fair run and until midnight on Friday and Saturday.

Green the Vote Oklahoma

The Tulsa State Fair has animals, rides, and unusual foods…but not the opportunity to sign a petition to legalize medical marijuana as supporters originally intended. Green the Vote Oklahoma volunteers claim they went through the process to get a fairgrounds booth, but were frozen out. Spokesman Josh Lewelling assumes it’s because of the subject matter.

Fairgrounds Spokeswoman Sarah Thompson denies that’s the case. She says it’s more about the best use of available space and safety of petitioners and patrons.


As Tulsa State Fair food booths prove, you can deep fry just about anything. Deep fried pickles, cheesecake, pumpkin balls, ice cream, candy bars, and kool-aid. That’s right, even kool-aid can be deep fried. At her booth on the midway, Cecelia Kenna sells fried kool-aid.

She says it looks like a hushpuppy and tastes like cherry kool-aid…and it’s a popular item…she says they sell a lot. Kenna says the donut cheeseburgers at the booth are also popular, but they’ve been available on the fairgrounds for a few years, so they’re not as new an experience as fried kool-aid.


Inspectors are at Expo Square checking midway rides for safety. Every year, state inspectors from the Labor Department look over rides and scan operators’ paperwork. Labor Commissioner Mark Costello says there are five inspectors here, with two on duty at all times the rides are operational during the entire run of the fair.

Costello says there are federal regulations governing carnival ride safety, but Oklahoma also has what he calls some of the highest standards in the country.