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It’s a case that’s already garnered national and international attention, and now the Robert Bates’ manslaughter trial is getting underway. With jury selection beginning, there’s visible enhanced security in the Tulsa County courthouse. Sheriff Vic Regalado says he wants to be prepared for any possibility, so the increased security will be in effect for the duration of the trial.

Bates, a reserve Tulsa deputy at the time, is charged with second degree manslaughter in the shooting death of unarmed suspect Eric Harris last April.


Tulsa County has a new sheriff….for a few months anyway. Vic Regalado is sworn-in as the new Sheriff at the Tulsa Courthouse. He will finish out the unexpired term of Stanley Glanz, who resigned after being indicted by a grand jury. Regalado will have to run again in the June primary, and if he gets past that race, again in the November general election. He has said he will run for a full term.


Even as a grand jury investigates the Tulsa Sheriff for possible problems with the reserve deputy program, the Office receives an award for its’ handling of undocumented aliens who have been arrested.

Officials with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, present two awards to the Tulsa Sheriff’s Office for two inspections with no deficiencies. The awards are for the years 2013 and 2014.

Sheriff Glanz says Tulsa County has one of the highest successful rates of immigration cases in the nation.

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The state supreme court will not halt a grand jury probe of the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office. In a unanimous vote, justices deny a request by Sheriff Stanley Glanz to stop the empaneling of a grand jury beginning Monday. Glanz argued signatures were gathered improperly, but judges refused to assume jurisdiction, allowing the grand jury to move forward. Marq Lewis is a spokesman for We the People Oklahoma, a group calling for the investigation of the Sheriff. He says it’s been a struggle to get this before a grand jury, and praises the Supreme Court decision.


Tulsa County Commissioners won’t rescind a decision to allow public funds for the Sheriff to pay for attorneys during a grand jury investigation. Despite objections from a citizen’s group, Commissioners let the decision stand after hearing from Assistant D.A. Doug Wilson, who said under the law the payments were legal and allowed.

We the People Oklahoma filed a grand jury petition after unarmed suspect Eric Harris was shot and killed by 73-year-old reserve deputy Robert Bates.

Tulsa County Sheriff

TULSA, Okla. (AP) — A top administrator in the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office is set to resign after an internal memo was leaked indicating he had covered up the inadequate training of a volunteer deputy who fatally shot a restrained man.

Sheriff's office attorney Meredith Baker said Tuesday that Maj. Tom Huckeby plans to resign on Aug. 1. Baker did not explain why.

Huckeby didn't return requests for comment by the Associated Press. Baker says Huckeby is on vacation.

Tulsa County Sheriff

An outside consultant will look into the Tulsa Sheriff’s Office, including the embattled reserve deputy program. County Commissioners today okay going out for proposals to conduct an in-depth look into everything from reserve deputy officer training to use of force. Even before the shooting of an unarmed suspect by a reserve deputy that focused criticism on the department, Sheriff Stanley Glanz says he was already planning for a review by law enforcement consultants.

Bids are due by the 22nd of this month, and a contract is scheduled to be awarded on the 26th.

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As the controversy over Reserve Tulsa Deputy Bob Bates training records continues, there’s a possibility some may never be found. Tulsa County Undersheriff Tim Albin says Bates records aren’t the only ones missing from official office files. He says it’s believed in the transition from paper records to digitized a few years ago, some were never scanned and were consequently lost or destroyed.

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In his first comments on the fatal shooting of a man by a reserve deputy, Tulsa Sheriff Stanley Glanz calls it unintentional and an error. Beyond that, the Sheriff will only say the investigation by his office has been turned over to the District Attorney. He says the investigation conducted for his office shows procedures and policies were followed. He says his office always conducts a review after any officer involved shooting. Glanz admits the deputy involved, Bob Bates, is a long-time friend, but he says that hasn’t meant any special treatment.

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Teenager Dena Dean disappeared from Town West Shopping Center 14 years ago. The murder case is unsolved to this day. On the anniversary of her death, the Tulsa Sheriff’s Cold Case Command Post is set-up in the shopping center parking lot. It’s an annual event seeking tips on Dean’s murder or any other crimes still under investigation. Dean’s father Larry hasn’t given up hope the case will be resolved. He says while he believes there will be justice for his daughter some day, there will never be ‘closure’ for him since he will never have his daughter back.