Top Stories

Topping the local news this morning:

  • Efforts are underway to make Tulsa "America's Most Beautiful City" again.
  • The Tulsa City Council takes the oath of office this afternoon.
  • Naming rights for the IPE Building are making headlines again.

Hear, Here! The top local news stories from KWGS:

  • More court filings in the Victory Christian Center rape case.
  • Proponents of Vision 2 rally for passage.
  • Warnings about Superstorm Scams in Oklahoma.

Topping our Local News:

  • A state committee reviewing veterans’ care in the state wraps up its investigation.
  • Another group of Oklahoma World War II veterans is headed to Washington to view the World War II memorial. This is the 11th Oklahoma Honor flight.
  • Auto-Deer accidents are on the increase in Oklahoma with deadly consequences.

Topping the local news this morning:

  • An investigation in launched into the Rogers County bidding process.
  • The Health Department vacates it facilities at Expo Square.
  • Efforts are underway to turn the closed Cherokee Elementary School into a Resource Center.

Topping the local news at KWGS:

  • Oklahoma Lawmakers are again reviewing tax credits.
  • A Tulsa City Councilor wants to streamline the appeal process.
  • Tulsa kids learn food really doesn't originate at the supermarket.

Topping the local news this morning:

  • Some parents want the Dual Language Immersion program moved from the Monroe Demonstration School.
  • Republican Jim Bridenstine accused of ducking debates.
  • Police investigate a kidnapping from an Owasso pet store.

Topping Our Local News:

  • The first checks are handed out in the Oklahoma mortgage settlement case.
  • New FEDERAL charges are filed in the Skiatook schools kickback scandal.
  • Gasoline prices in Tulsa are dropping.

Topping the local news from 89.5/KWGS:

  • Flash flooding sweeps a Tulsa teen to his death.
  • Worries at the state level regarding funding for a teachers' stipend.
  • Asbestos in the burned Barnard School has demolition crews taking extra care.

Topping the KWGS Local News:

  • The Tulsa City Council has lots of questions for the city's IT department after a cyber security test is mistaken for a hack.
  • Demolition of the old Barnard School site is underway.
  • The Taste of North Tulsa points to the area's food insecurity.

Topping our local news from 89.5/KWGS:

  • The Chamber of Commerce heads to Europe for an economic development tour.
  • The candidates for Congress speak-out.
  • Welcome to three dozen new citizens.