Top Stories

Topping the local news this morning:

  • Efforts are underway to make Tulsa "America's Most Beautiful City" again.
  • The Tulsa City Council takes the oath of office this afternoon.
  • Naming rights for the IPE Building are making headlines again.

Hear, Here! The top local news stories from KWGS:

  • More court filings in the Victory Christian Center rape case.
  • Proponents of Vision 2 rally for passage.
  • Warnings about Superstorm Scams in Oklahoma.

Topping our Local News:

  • A state committee reviewing veterans’ care in the state wraps up its investigation.
  • Another group of Oklahoma World War II veterans is headed to Washington to view the World War II memorial. This is the 11th Oklahoma Honor flight.
  • Auto-Deer accidents are on the increase in Oklahoma with deadly consequences.

Topping the local news this morning:

  • An investigation in launched into the Rogers County bidding process.
  • The Health Department vacates it facilities at Expo Square.
  • Efforts are underway to turn the closed Cherokee Elementary School into a Resource Center.

Topping the local news at KWGS:

  • Oklahoma Lawmakers are again reviewing tax credits.
  • A Tulsa City Councilor wants to streamline the appeal process.
  • Tulsa kids learn food really doesn't originate at the supermarket.

Topping the local news this morning:

  • Some parents want the Dual Language Immersion program moved from the Monroe Demonstration School.
  • Republican Jim Bridenstine accused of ducking debates.
  • Police investigate a kidnapping from an Owasso pet store.

Topping Our Local News:

  • The first checks are handed out in the Oklahoma mortgage settlement case.
  • New FEDERAL charges are filed in the Skiatook schools kickback scandal.
  • Gasoline prices in Tulsa are dropping.

Topping the local news from 89.5/KWGS:

  • Flash flooding sweeps a Tulsa teen to his death.
  • Worries at the state level regarding funding for a teachers' stipend.
  • Asbestos in the burned Barnard School has demolition crews taking extra care.

Topping the KWGS Local News:

  • The Tulsa City Council has lots of questions for the city's IT department after a cyber security test is mistaken for a hack.
  • Demolition of the old Barnard School site is underway.
  • The Taste of North Tulsa points to the area's food insecurity.

Topping our local news from 89.5/KWGS:

  • The Chamber of Commerce heads to Europe for an economic development tour.
  • The candidates for Congress speak-out.
  • Welcome to three dozen new citizens.

In the local news:

  • Oklahoma VA homes are under the state senate microscope yet again.
  • Tulsa's burned-out Barnard School is prepped for demolition.
  • Tulsa says good-bye to one of its newest Zoo animals.

In our local news:

  • Tulsa's School Superintendent is pleased the State Board of Education will delay releasing A-F grades for schools until the grading formula is revisited.
  • Vision-2 opposition gets vocal outside of City Hall.
  • Tulsa County leaders take no action on the Jazz Hall of Fame

Topping the local news from KWGS:

  • The fate of the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame will be discussed this morning in Tulsa.
  • A major reconstruction project is getting underway on eastbound I-244 at 129th East Avenue. Detours are in place.
  • The Federal Reserve says "You're doing fine, Oklahoma".

Topping the local news at 89.5/KWGS:

School Superintendents voice displeasure with the new A-F school grading system.

Three people are killed in a head-on car crash to the northeast of Tulsa.

An AG opinion is released concerning Tulsa's Vision-2 Vote.

In the news:

  • Lewis Avenue closes at I-44 for 20 months starting today.
  • Tulsa's new trash service gets underway.
  • A new program is offered in Tulsa on foreclosed homes.

The Friday Morning News

Sep 28, 2012

Topping our local news:

·       The Tulsa City Council approves its list of vision 2 projects.

·       A new indictment is unsealed in the case involving a former Broken Arrow School Superintendent.

·       Oklahoma gives a final salute to a fallen green country solider.

Topping the local news this morning from Public Radio Tulsa:

  • A deal is reached to fund two low water dams in Tulsa. You will have the final approval.
  • The Department of Human Services Board works on funding for next year with improvements in foster care in the forefront.
  • It is back to work for two-of-the-eight firefighters hurt in a three alarm school fire.

Topping our local news this morning:

·       New allegations and charges in the Victory Christian Center investigation.

·       Edwin Daniels is ordered to trial for the murder of a Tulsa teen.

·       The burn ban for Tulsa County is lifted.

Topping the local news this morning:

  • A Red Flag Fire Warning will be in effect for Tulsa County this afternoon and evening.
  • T-Minus: One Week and counting before Tulsa's new trash service begins.
  • The number of West Nile Virus cases in Oklahoma continues to climb.

Topping Our Local Stories:

·       Crime Stoppers is considering a phone number change as a way to increase tips from those afraid they are calling police.

·       Food prices are on the increase, but a local extension service expert says some of the blame belongs to you and not the drought.

·       A state lawmaker wants an Oklahoma Disaster clearing house….. A one-stop location for emergency information.

Topping Our Local News:

·       Officials hold a briefing on Tulane’s injured safety Devon Walker.

·       The Vision-2 process moves forward at the county level.

·       And the job picture is dimming in Tulsa.

Topping the local news from 89.5/KWGS:

  • We have the latest on yesterday's fire at the Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences. The ATF has been called in to help with the investigation.
  • The Democratic National Convention will stay indoors tonight. That leaves an Oklahoma delegate disappointed.
  • Form Based Coding is rejected by the Tulsa Planning Commission. We'll explain what that means for the Tulsa Pearl District.

Tuesday News from KWGS

Sep 4, 2012

Topping Our Local News:

We check in with the Oklahoma Delegation at the Democratic National Convention.

More changes are coming to the I-244 resurfacing project.

Fresh concerns about West Nile.

Topping our local news:

·       It will be Mullin-vs-Wallace in November for second district congress.

·       Governor Fallin delivers an address to the Republican National Convention.

·       A humanist is set to deliver tomorrow night’s prayer before the city council.

Topping Our Local News

·       The Tulsa Zoo lobbies for inclusion in the Vision Process.

·       Governor Fallin is set to deliver a prime time address at the Republican National Convention tonight.

·       Tropical Storm Isaac slams Tulsa gas pumps. Prices take another huge jump.

Topping Our Local News:

·       The Dollar Thrifty Board of Directors approves a sale to Hertz.

·       Tulsa Police arrest what they call a rogue cop.

·       Hunger in Oklahoma. A new report indicates more are food insecure.

Topping Our Local Stories: 

  • The jury is seated in the Terrico Bethel murder for hire case
  • Tulsa Transit moves to reduce bus stop wait times
  • Republicans are sparing over the Vision 2- proposal

Topping Our Local News this Morning:

·       The Vision-2 Proposal draws strong opposition from the Tulsa County Republican Party leadership.

·       The Terrico Bethel murder for hire case goes to trial in Tulsa.

·       CNG comes to Owasso with a new filling station in with an old façade

Topping our Local News this morning:

·       It is the first day of school in the Tulsa School District….

·       As meetings are set----opposition grows to a Tulsa County tax extension proposal.

·       Wild fires take a toll on Oklahoma Farms and ranches.

Topping Our Local News this morning:

·       The West Nile Death toll in Oklahoma has climb to three.

·       Tulsa Teachers Rally just ahead of the start of the new school year.

·       Recent incidents at Mosques in the region prompt a Tulsa news conference.