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5:17 pm
Tue December 6, 2011

Metropolitan Opera Radio Broadcasts

Classical 88.7 HD1 KWTU – Metropolitan Opera Radio Broadcasts

The Metropolitan Opera celebrates its 81st season of Saturday Afternoon Radio Broadcasts the longest-running classical music series in American broadcast history. Metropolitan Opera Radio Broadcasts have brought opera into millions of homes and enriched the lives of many, playing a vital and unparalleled role in the development and appreciation of opera in this country. Host Margaret Juntwait returns for her eighth season, joined each week in the broadcast booth by commentator Ira Siff.

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5:42 pm
Sat October 15, 2011


Public Radio 89.5 HD1 – Sperm carry half the genes needed for human life. In this hour of Radiolab: some basic questions and profound thoughts about reproduction. To begin, why so many sperm? We turn to the animal kingdom for answers, which lands us on a tour of sperm battles in ducks, flying pig sperm, and promiscuous whippoorwills. Then, we ponder fatherhood, and a world where sperm can be frozen and kept for all eternity...what does the future holds for men? And we end quietly, with a widow struggling to keep some essence of her husband alive.

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11:47 am
Sat October 8, 2011


Public Radio 89.5 HD1 – In a cruel trick of evolution, humans can stand just three feet from a ferocious animal and still be perfectly safe. This hour, Radiolab goes to the zoo to ask what's with our need to get close to "wildness"? We examine where we stand in this paradox--starting with the Romans, and ending in the wilds of Belize ...staring into the eyes of a wild jaguar. Listen Friday at 8:00 to RadioLab on Public Radio 89.5 HD1.

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5:38 pm
Sat October 1, 2011


Public Radio 89.5 HD1 – Stress may save your life if you're being chased by a tiger. But if you're stuck in traffic, it may be more likely to make you sick. This hour of Radiolab, a long hard look at the body's system for getting out of trouble. Stanford University neurologist (and part-time "baboonologist") Dr. Robert Sapolsky takes us through what happens on our insides when we stand in the wrong line at the supermarket, and offers a few coping strategies: gnawing on wood, beating the crap out of somebody, and having friends.

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What's New?
5:37 pm
Sat September 24, 2011

(So-called) Life

Public Radio 89.5 HD1 – Radiolab asks what is natural in a world where biology and engineering intersect. Biotechnology is making it easier and easier to create new forms of life, but what are the consequences when humans play with life? We travel back to the first billion years of life on Earth, take a look at how modern engineers tinker with living things, and meet a woman who could have been two people. Listen Friday at 8:00 to RadioLab on Public Radio 89.5 HD1.

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5:35 pm
Sat September 17, 2011

Where Am I

Public Radio 89.5 HD1 – OK. Maybe you're in your desk chair. You're in your office. You're in New York , or Detroit , or Timbuktu . You're on planet Earth. But where are you, really? This hour, Radiolab examines the bond between brain and body, and looks at what happens when it breaks. Author and neurologist Oliver Sacks tries to find himself using magnets, we talk to a neuroscientist who uses an optical illusion to solve a century-old mystery that haunts some amputees, and pilots describe surviving out-of-body experiences while flying fighter jets.

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What's New?
5:33 pm
Sat September 3, 2011

Who Needs an English Major? The Future of Liberal Arts Education

Public Radio 89.5 HD1 – Advocates of liberal-arts programs say their graduates are among the most likely to become leaders, and that a healthy democracy depends on citizens with a broad education. This program examines how America's liberal-arts programs are responding to the demands of the 21st century. Listen Friday at 8:00 to American RadioWorks on Public Radio 89.5 HD1.

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5:31 pm
Sat August 27, 2011

Don't Lecture Me: Rethinking the Way College Students Learn

Public Radio 89.5 HD1 – In today's global economy, workers need to think well and learn fast. This documentary explores how traditional approaches to teaching are failing college students and what some in education are doing about it. Listen Friday at 8:00 to American RadioWorks on Public Radio 89.5 HD1.

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5:30 pm
Sat August 20, 2011

Some College, No Degree: Why So Many Americans Drop Out of College and What To Do About It

Public Radio 89.5 HD1 – The college drop-out rate is actually worse than the high-school drop-out rate, and about 37 million Americans are being left behind in today's demanding economy. This program examines the issue, including whether a college degree is the answer for everyone. Listen Friday at 8:00 to American RadioWorks on Public Radio 89.5 HD1.

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5:21 pm
Sat August 13, 2011

Reality Radio: Telling True Stories in Sound

Public Radio 89.5 HD1 – Spend an hour with some of the top producers in public radio Ira Glass, The KitchenSisters, and Jay Allison in this special hosted by NPR's (and WUNC's) Katie Davis. "Reality Radio: Telling True Stories in Sound" peels back the curtain on how these producers practice their craft and how they learned to make amazing radio. Some even share their favorite pieces...including one of the Kitchen Sisters' first stories about the den of snakes! Listen Friday at 8:00 to Reality Radio on Public Radio 89.5 HD1.

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