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2:46 pm
Wed March 7, 2012

Looking Up: Economic Series on ME and ATC

In the series "Looking Up," NPR's national desk and member station correspondents find pockets of economic strength around the country that are invigorating the broader economy.
Myles Davidson/SXC

Millions of Americans are still unemployed or facing home foreclosures. For them, the Great Recession drags on into its fifth year. But for others, the U.S. economy is looking up.

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4:09 pm
Mon March 5, 2012

Fukushima Special - the scientific legacy

On Public Radio 89.5-1 & World Radio 89.5-3Saturday 3/10 at 5:00 am
On World Radio 89.5-3: Monday 3/12 & 3/19 at 5:30 & 10:30 pm; Tuesday 3/13 & 3/20 at 6:50 & 11:50 am

It's nearly a year (11 March 2011) since Japan was struck by a huge earthquake and tsunami.Clouds of radioactive fallout from damaged nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi powerstation spread across heavily-populated areas many kilometres from the plant.

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11:50 am
Mon March 5, 2012

Documentary of the Week Examines Fukushima, One Year Later

Particles: Nuclear Power after Fukushima

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10:22 am
Mon March 5, 2012

Three-minute Fiction Contest

Listen Saturdays and Sundays from 4-5 pm on Public Radio 89.5-1

Round eight of All Thing Considered weekend’s Three Minute Fiction begins this weekend. Author, poet, and essayist Luis Alberto Urrea will be the judge. Listeners are invited to unleash their inner author and compose an original work of fiction that can be read in three minutes or less (600 word limit). Round Eight’s judge will be Luis Alberto Urrea, celebrated writer and the author of Across the Wire, The Fever of Being, Nobody’s Son, and The Devil’s Highway.

11:12 am
Thu March 1, 2012

Joke-a-Thon on this weekend's A Prairie Home Companion

This week on A Prairie Home Companion, a lawyer, a blonde, a nun and a trombone player walk into a bar for a special joke-a-thon compilation show. Along with the slurry of jokes, VocalEssence sings the "The Ying Tong Song" from the BBC's "Goon Show," we'll pay tribute to the Marx Brothers and Tom Keith's utterly perfect chicken sounds take center stage for "The Sound of Chickens." Plus, Andy Stein's "Knock Knock" song, a visit from Sven and Ole, and a rather unfortunate school lunch was served at Lake Wobegon Elementary School.

8:03 am
Tue February 28, 2012


Verbier Festival Chamber Orchestra
Nicolas Brodard

Classical 88.7's exclusive weekly feature, the EURO-CLASSIC, presents a recently recorded, live performance from a European orchestra — a recording from the European Broadcasting Union — every week overnight Wednesday into Thursday.


March 1, 2012

  • Shchedrin: Concerto Parlando
  • Ilya Gringolts, violin; David Guerrier, trumpet
  • Verbier Festival Chamber Orchestra/Gábor Takács-Nagy
  • Concert Date: 7/17/2010
  • Venue: Combins Hall, Verbier

March 3, 2012 

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1:27 pm
Mon February 27, 2012

Marketplace's new Wealth & Poverty Desk

Marketplace officially launches a groundbreaking new national desk dedicated to one of the most critical socio-economic issues of our time. The Wealth & Poverty Desk's five-person editorial team, led by Senior Editor Celeste Wesson, will explore the concentration of wealth in the U.S. and its causes and consequences for the economy and society.

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2:41 pm
Fri February 24, 2012

BBC World Service Celebrates 80th Birthday

On Wednesday the 29th of February, the BBC World Service celebrates its 80th birthday by opening its doors. You'll be treated to an unprecedented behind the scenes access as part of a special day of live programming to mark the BBC's 80th birthday. 

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What's New?
5:07 pm
Mon February 6, 2012

Syria on the Brink

A Special Edition of BBC Newshour – On World Radio 89.5 HD3, Tuesday, Feburary 7 at 8:00 am

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12:42 pm
Tue January 31, 2012


Public Radio 89.5 KWGS – In their books Freakonomics and SuperFreakonomics, Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner use the tools of economics to explore real-world behavior. As boring as that may sound, what they really do is tell stories about cheating schoolteachers, self-dealing real-estate agents, and crack-selling mama's boys. Those Freakonomics stories and plenty of new ones are now coming to the radio, with Dubner as host.

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