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TULSA, Okla. (AP) — The Oklahoma Department of Health says it has accounted for 97 of the 191 juvenile patients who were treated by a Tulsa oral surgeon now being investigated for unsanitary conditions at his clinics.

The Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs says the juvenile patients were treated by Dr. W. Scott Harrington's at his clinic while they were housed at the L.E. Rader Center in Sand Springs, which was the only maximum-security juvenile facility in the state before it closed in 2011.

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OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Oklahoma Treasurer Ken Miller says overall collections to the state treasury are continuing to rise and set an all-time monthly record last month.

Figures released by Miller's office on Friday show gross collections in April totaled nearly $1.27 billion, topping the previous monthly record of $1.16 billion set in December 2008.

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OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin has signed a bill meant to improve protection for victims of domestic abuse.

The bill reduces the time it takes for a victim of domestic violence to get a protection order, saying a court must hear a petition within two weeks of its filing instead of the current 20 days. Fallin signed the bill and four others Friday.

The new law says courts may order domestic abuse counseling for defendants but can't put the victim in harm's way by requiring that they attend.


A small business roundtable, hosted by former Tulsa Mayor and Oklahoma Commerce Secretary Kathy Taylor, focuses on manufacturers in Tulsa. About a dozen company owners discussed their concerns and how the city might help address them. Larry Mocha is owner of Air Power Systems. He says giving small business a seat at the table when issues affecting them are decided can help regulations stay reasonable without becoming impediments to the industry.

Mocha says if the community can help small businesses be more successful, it will translate to an improved economy in Tulsa.

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TULSA, Okla. (AP) — The National Weather Service says precipitation that brought an unusual May snowfall to the state has moved to the east, but only after setting a record for the latest snow on record.

Forecasters say a half-inch or so of snow fell in parts of Adair County on Friday morning before the system moved east into Arkansas.

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The new proposed state budget includes a $74-million increase in funding for education in Oklahoma. After the announcement, Tulsa School Superintendent Dr. Keith Ballard released the following statement:

“First, I’d like to thank the Oklahoma legislature for increasing the budget for public education by $74 million.  We appreciate the many House members, senators and especially the parents who pushed for even greater levels of support.  They know how hard districts across the state have struggled to maintain service levels with pre-2008 budgets.

Deal Reached on Oklahoma Budget

May 3, 2013
KWGS/State House

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Leaders in the Republican-controlled Legislature have reached an agreement with Gov. Mary Fallin on a $7.1 billion budget that includes major boosts in funding for public education, health care and state infrastructure improvements.

The budget deal for the fiscal year that begins July 1 announced on Thursday increases spending by nearly $270 million over the current year's state budget. Fallin says it includes a growth in funding focused on what she described as "targeted" priority areas for lawmakers.

Topping the local news:

  • The Governor and the legislature leadership come to terms on a $7-Billion budget.
  • The OSBI asks for help in thawing a cold case.
  • New jobs are coming to Tulsa.

First District Congressman Jim Bridenstine is in town this week. In a town hall, he leaves constituents with no doubt about where he stands on an impending debt ceiling battle.

“I am not against raising the debt limit,” he said. “I’m against raising the debt limit when we don’t have a solution to the trillion dollar deficits. We have to have a plan in place that gets us to a balanced budget, and apart from that, I won’t be voting to raise the debt limit.”

He received numerous questions from audience members about immigration reform—he said his priority is border security.

Tulsa Public Schools Will Host National Conference

May 2, 2013
Tulsa Public Schools

Tulsa Public Schools is hosting a national magnet school conference May fourth through the eighth. About 800 educators across the nation will come to Tulsa for the annual Magnet Schools of America National Conference. Everyone will experience Tulsa’s magnet schools and programs.

About 18 presenters will speak on a wide range of subjects. Student group performances are scheduled throughout the conference to showcase Tulsa’s young entertainment and talent.