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Fire crews were hopping yesterday afternoon from one blaze to another.

Several hundred acres were burned near Nuyaka in Okmulgee County.  There was also a big fire near Bristow in Creek County that made driving nearly impossible on the Turner Turnpike.

Grady County emergency management official Amanda Wilkerson says evacuations were ordered Thursday as flames burned pastures and threatened structures near the H.E. Bailey Turnpike south of Bridge Creek.

Household Pollutant Event Set for this Weekend

Mar 22, 2018

A Household Pollutant Disposal Special Event is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, March 24-25, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the City of Tulsa’s Household Pollutant Collection Facility, 4502 S. Galveston Ave. In addition to the usually accepted items, special items accepted only at this event are tires, e-waste, medications and ammunition. No appointment is necessary for the special event.

For more information about household pollutant disposal in Tulsa, see www.cityoftulsa.org/resourcerecovery

Owasso Police


The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is looking into the fatal shooting of two men by police in separate northeastern Oklahoma cities.

The OSBI says 39-year-old Duane Preciado died after being shot Wednesday night in the Tulsa suburb of Owasso.

The OSBI says Preciado carried an AK-47 as he met two officers responding to a disturbance call about 10:30 p.m., and was shot as he moved toward officers while making threatening comments.

Stolen Car Crashes After a Downtown Tulsa Chase

Mar 22, 2018

A Chandler man is looking at spending some time behind bars. It appears 21-year old Joseph Dearmond is a heap of trouble.

He apparently stole a Black GMC SUV in Stroud. Tulsa Sheriff’s deputies spotted the vehicle in Tulsa and tried to pull it over near 2300 Charles Page Boulevard. A chase ensued with speeds of 70 mph coming into downtown Tulsa. The deputies backed off when the vehicle took off down railroad tracks.

Hofmeister Says Walkout Now Likely

Mar 22, 2018

Oklahoma’s top educator tells the state school board that a teacher walkout now appears likely in the state. Joy Hofmeister made the comment at the opening of today's state board meeting in Oklahoma City.

Homeister says nearly 70% of the students statewide will be impacted if teachers walk on April 2nd.  She also briefed the board on how the strike could complicate mandated state testing.  She says ACT and SAT college entrance exams are also scheduled for early April. However, there is a make-up ACT test scheduled for late April.

Flu Deaths Mount in Oklahoma

Mar 22, 2018
File Photo-EMSA

The number of flu deaths continues to increase across Oklahoma. Four more deaths were reported this week. Three of those were in Tulsa County. The flu shot does not prevent the flu, but can lower your risks.                     

Statewide, 242 people have died from the flu this year in Oklahoma.  47 of those have been in Tulsa County. That is a modern day record.

As for hospitalizations, the State Health Department reports 4,503. Over a fourth of those (1,138) have been in Tulsa County. 

In the local news:

  • State lawmakers looking for dollars to avoid a teacher walkout.
  • Two people are killed in separate incidents with area law enforcement.
  • A long police stand-off ends with the suspect behind bars.

State of Oklahoma


A Republican state senator from Guthrie says she won't seek re-election when her term is up this year.

Sen. A.J. Griffin announced in a press release on Wednesday that she plans to step down after serving six years in office. Her Senate District 20 seat includes Kingfisher, Logan, Noble and Pawnee counties. Griffin says she has struggled with whether to run again but said she heard "God's call in another direction."



Oklahoma emergency management officials say a grass fire in rural McClain County has forced at least one home to be evacuated.

The grass fire flared up Wednesday afternoon near Dibble, located about 37 miles south of Oklahoma City.

Keli Cain, spokeswoman for the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management, says at least one residence has been evacuated due to the flames. McClain County sheriff's deputies are working to relocate other nearby residents.

There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries due to the grass fire.

Tulsa County Booking Photo


Authorities in Oklahoma say a Nebraska man wanted on a firearms warrant has been taken into custody following an hours-long standoff at a Tulsa motel.

Officials say Rush Lincoln Hembree surrendered to police about 3:30 p.m. Wednesday. The standoff began about 11 p.m. Tuesday after police surrounded Hembree's motel room on Tulsa's eastside.

Two Dead in Separate Police Shootings

Mar 22, 2018
File Photo

Two men are dead after being killed by law enforcement in two separate cases.

One case was last night in Owasso, when a man armed with an AK-47 refused police commands to put down his weapon. That was in a neighborhood near 106th Street North and 151st East Avenue.

The other case was in a Mannford neighborhood. Police were called to a disturbance with a man armed with a knife. He refused to put down the knife and was shot.  

Both cases are being investigated by the OSBI.

Lawmaker: Walkout is Still Avoidable

Mar 21, 2018
State of Oklahoma

The Majority Floor Leader in the House says it’s still possible to avoid a teacher walkout next month.

State Representative Jon Echols points to current revenue solutions including Capital Gains Tax Restorations, Ball and Dice Gaming and a cap on itemized deductions.

He says currently everyone has a plan, but do they have the 76 votes to pass out of the House.

17 Hour Stand Off Now Over

Mar 21, 2018

A Nebraska man is now in custody after holding officers at bay all night and most of the day. He was wanted on gun related charges.

The ordeal is unfolded at the Rest Inn on East Admiral, just to the west of Memorial. It started about 11 p.m. last evening.

A woman was in the motel room with the man. She was not considered a hostage. She was released unharmed Wednesday afternoon. At first, the man was talking over the phone with officers, but that conversation has ended, then resumed later.

Lee School Marker Removed

Mar 21, 2018
Google Street View

A small marker in front of Lee Elementary is removed. The marker stated that the school was named in honor of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

The Tulsa Historical Society will take possession of the monument. A private citizen paid for the monument’s removal. That person’s name is not being released.

The Tulsa School District is considering renaming Lee and three other schools. The schools’ namesakes have all been linked to slavery or the mistreatment of indigenous peoples.

In the local news:

  • The Tulsa City Council considers tightening truancy laws.
  • Fake IDs flood Tulsa.
  • The monument in front of Robert E. Lee Elementary school is removed.


A Tennessee company has issued a recall of Southgate Hot Dog Chili Sauce distributed in 13 states due to mislabeling.

Vietti Foods in Nashville said it is recalling approximately 200 cases of 15-ounce cans of the chili sauce, UPC 0 71846 95242 6, LOT # P642 M1217 70026, marked on the bottom of the can.

Vietti said some of the cans may contain dumplings with chicken, which contains egg and wheat not listed on the label, and could cause a serious or life-threatening reaction in people with allergies.

Tulsa County Booking Photo


An Oklahoma man already sentenced to life in prison for the hate-crime killing of his Lebanese neighbor has pleaded guilty for a hit-and-run that injured the victim's mother.

Stanley Majors was convicted last month on murder and hate crime charges in the 2016 shooting death of 37-year-old Khalid Jabara. On Tuesday, Majors pleaded guilty to assault and battery with a deadly weapon, leaving the scene of an injury collision and violating a protective order for running over Jabara's mother, Haifa Jabara, with his car.



An investigation and search warrant continues in east-central Oklahoma after deputies found about $250,000 in stolen property while raiding a burglary stash house.

The Shawnee News-Star reports that some of the stolen items discovered by Lincoln County deputies include several Purple Hearts, military items, a coffin, TVs and guitars. Some items have been identified and returned.

The search for a suspicious vehicle led to the search warrant that was served early Sunday at the home near Prague.


Homeland Security, Oklahoma Alcohol Beverage Law Enforcement, and the Tulsa Police Financial Crimes Unit are working to halt a fake ID factory. At least 100 false ID’s have been intercepted in the past several months, some bound for Oklahoma students. Corporal Matt Rose with TPD says at least one has been confiscated at a downtown Tulsa bar. He says it’s difficult to tell the real from the fake.

The ID’s are being ordered online and then mailed to high school and college students in Oklahoma and elsewhere.

Getting Tough on Truancy

Mar 20, 2018
File photo

Over 25% of the students in the Tulsa Public Schools are chronically absent. That is defined as missing 10 or more days per semester. The Tulsa City Council is looking at putting some teeth in truancy regulations.

A proposal is being considered that could mean fines and even jail time for parents of kids skipping school. However, Tulsa City Councilor Karen Gilbert says that is not the intent of the ordinance. She wants to work with the families.

Tulsa Police

The Texas bombings have officials here concerned about copy-cat explosive packages. Bombs have exploded in Austin and San Antonio causing deaths and injuries.

Tulsa Bomb Squad Sergeant Jacob Thompson says if a package, you are NOT expecting, shows up on your porch use caution. He says there are things to look for before you touch it.

In the local news:

  • Tulsa County Commissioners approve a land lease to Iron Gate.
  • The state supreme court says let the people vote on production tax hikes for education.
  • A retail survey is underway in Tulsa to help shore up business.


An Oklahoma appeals court has removed language that was critical of the state attorney general's office in an Open Records Act case involving communications between then-Attorney General Scott Pruitt and major energy companies as well as the Republican Attorney General's Association.

The Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals ruled Monday the trial judge's characterization of the office as an "abject failure" in complying with the law was "surplus and unnecessary."

Glenpool Schools


Officials in an Oklahoma school district recently surprised teachers and other employees with $1,000 bonuses as a potential statewide teacher walkout looms.

The Tulsa World reports that the Glenpool school district joined many area districts on March 12 when it approved a resolution "in support of Oklahoma public school teachers" and authorized school closings in the event of a teacher walkout.

Glenpool school officials say the surprise bonuses don't solve the bigger-picture problem of low pay, but that they did provide some relief and a boost to morale.

KWGS News photo


 Police say a man was hospitalized after leading an officer on a chase that ended at Tulsa International Airport.

Tulsa police Sgt. Shane Tuell said the chase started Monday after an officer tried to stop a speeding, black pickup. The pursuit eventually led onto a circular drive at the airport.

Tuell said the truck drove against traffic and blew two tires before it spun out and stopped near a gate. Police initially thought it had crashed.



The Oklahoma Supreme Court says an initiative petition seeking a public vote on whether to increase the oil and gas production tax to help fund education can move forward.

The court ruled on Monday that the petition is "legally sufficient" to be submitted to a vote of the people. Supporters will now have a 90-day window to gather about 124,000 signatures.

The Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association argued the proposal created an unconstitutional retroactive tax and violated the single-subject rule. The court disagreed.

Iron Gate

It’s been difficult for Iron Gate to find a larger location to move its’ soup kitchen from Trinity Episcopal Church. Tulsa County leaders have now signed off on an agreement to lease land near the jail to Iron Gate. Commissioner John Smaligo opposed the deal though. He doesn’t like the 99-year term of the lease, and has other fears, including what he says is the possibility the site could eventually become a marijuana dispensary.

TPS Announces School Closing Plans

Mar 19, 2018



Tulsa Public Schools today released a letter to parents and families with preliminary information about how the district will manage in the event of school closures due to a teacher walk-out. District leaders are continuing to work to identify and address the impact of a shut-down on all 40,000 students and 7,000 team members and will share more information about the district’s plans after the spring break ends on Monday, March 26.


Missing Girl Found Safe At Sonic

Mar 19, 2018
Google Street View

The 13-year-old girl who disappeared over the weekend from Tahlequah has been found safe about 20 miles away in Fort Gibson.

Shawna Lowery was spotted last night at the Fort Gibson Sonic. The person she was with,  fled when police showed arrived.

Police had earlier said they feared she was with a 19-year-old and could be in danger. She does have a disability.

Google Street View

A Vision sales tax–funded citywide study of Tulsa’s retail environment is underway.

Wisconsin-based Place Dynamics is doing preliminary work now, gleaning what information it can about Tulsa through data sources like the U.S. Census. City Planning Director Dawn Warrick said they hope to figure out weaknesses in Tulsa’s various retail areas.

"That includes where we have what we would call ‘leakages’ in areas that are over-served or that are underserved with certain types of retail and then kind of a strategy as to what to do about that," Warrick said.