Jenks Schools

ImpactTulsa is a newly formed, entirely pro-education initiative that brings together locally based community leaders from the varied realms of education, business, civics, nonprofits, philanthropy, and the faith community -- all of which are united, as per the ImpactTulsa website, "to engage the community to provide a pathway where all students are guaranteed a high-quality education." Our guests today on ST are Kathy Taylor, the CEO of ImpactTulsa and a former mayor of this city, and Dr.


Gunshots, screams, and sirens are heard at the Jenks High School, but it’s all part of a drill to test emergency response to armed assailants. The Jenks District holds the full-scale multi-jurisdictional emergency exercise every other year, and this year’s scenario just happened to be a mass shooting on the day after a shooting rampage at Ft. Hood, Texas. Bonnie Rogers is Chief Information Officer for Jenks Schools and she says these realistic drills are necessary to find any holes in response policies and get them corrected.

Jenks School Bus in Wreck

Oct 10, 2012
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No students are injured in a school bus crash in south Tulsa.

It happened in a neighborhood near 91st and South Yale. The Tulsa Police Department says about a dozen Jenks Elementary students were on board the bus when it crashed about 8:30 this morning in the 8900 Block of South Toledo Avenue.