Party Censures Commissioners over V2

Aug 21, 2012

Tulsa Republican County Commissioners are getting their hands slapped with a censure for the party leadership. The G-O-P Committee voted to censure Commissioner John Smaligo and Fred Perry for voting to place the Vision-2 question on the November Ballot. A news release from the party says Republicans are opposed to government intervention into private business.

READ THE GOP News Release Below:

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Registered Democrats still outnumber Republicans in Oklahoma, but the GOP is continuing to close the gap.

Figures released Monday by the Oklahoma Election Board show Democrats make up 46 percent of the state's registered electorate, followed by Republicans at 42 percent and independents at 12 percent.

Overall, Oklahoma's voter rolls have grown by more than 9,600 since June 1. Republicans saw the largest increase during that time with 4,638 new voters, followed by 3,032 new independents and 1,995 new Democrats.

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The Republican candidates in the race for the open congressional seat in eastern Oklahoma are sparring over the latest attack ad that highlights federal gun charges against a former employee of Markwayne Mullin.

The ad by George Faught's campaign that began airing this week details the conviction of former Mullin Plumbing employee Timothy Saylor on federal gun charges. It goes on to suggest that Mullin himself could face charges in connection with the investigation, a claim that Mullin campaign manager Tim Ross dismissed Thursday as "laughable."