Broken Arrow

You might call it "adding insult to injury," as the old saying goes. Yesterday's announcement that the State of Oklahoma has authorized an additional 4% cut to state expenditures will hurt all agencies statewide, but perhaps especially school districts, since their school year is now almost 3/4 complete. This cut comes at a time of extreme uncertainty for public school leadership all across Oklahoma regarding the shape of next year's appropriation, given the $1.3 billion shortfall in the state budget.

New Economic Development For South Broken Arrow

Oct 17, 2012
City of Broken Arrow

Just a few months after Broken Arrow installs a new Creek Turnpike interchange at 145th East Avenue, a new complex is announced. The Shops at Aspen Creek will be coming to an area south of the turnpike. Broken Arrow Mayor Craig Thurmond has his ceremonial shovel ready.

"A lot of work has been done with this," said Mayor Craig Thurmond. "Bass Pro was a big deal when we did that agreement and this development is equally important to get the south part of the city going."

City of Broken Arrow

The mayor of Broken Arrow says he'll step down amid criticism of a proposed Indian casino.

Mayor Mike Lester says he'll resign as mayor but retain his seat on the city council. Lester says he does not want good news in Broken Arrow to be overshadowed by the casino controversy.

Last week, the National Indian Gaming Commission said the site for a proposed casino in Broken Arrow can't be used for gambling. The Kialegee Tribal Town hoped to build the Red Clay Casino there.