Arts & Culture of interest to Northeastern Oklahoma

Tulsa, OK – Naturalist Lyanda Lynn Haupt's latest book uses the inquisitive, intelligent American Crow as a metaphor for finding and observing nature in our own backyard. "Crow Planet: Essential Wisdom from the Urban Wilderness" (Little,Brown) shares what science knows about crows, and how a common urban species can lead to a new world outside your window. Haupt is our guest today on StudioTulsa.

Tulsa, OK – David Barringer is surely one of our best and funniest writers on design. He talks with Rich Fisher about his collection of essays, "There's Nothing Funny About Design" (Princeton Architectural Press), which critically examines everyday design from the "promiscuousness of the letter X in our culture," to how the cautionary colors of red and yellow have been adopted by the fast food industry, to how evolution is portrayed with fish symbols and the ape-to-man chart.

Tulsa, OK – New Republic writer Robert Wright talks about his latest book, "The Evolution of God," which examines how mankind's conception of God has changed over the millenia, from ancient societies with multiple deities who possessed supernatural powers and human tendencies, to the Abrahamic faiths of today, with messages of love and benevolence alongside admonitions of intolerance towards unbelievers.

Tulsa, OK – The three candidates vying for the District 8 City Council seat debate at the Kiwanis Club. Incumbent Bill Christiansen, and challengers Phil Lakin, Jr, and Scott Grizzle share their views on city government with KWGS News Director John Durkee (who serves as moderator fof this debate) from the Downtown Kiwanis Club.

Oklahoma City, OK – Former GM plant opens with new mission

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) Political, military and business leaders have helped open a new aircraft repair and maintenance facility at the former General Motors plant in Oklahoma City.

Sen. Jim Inhofe and Rep. Mary Fallin were among those on hand at Monday's ceremony at the Tinker Aerospace Complex.

Oklahoma County purchased the former GM plant last year, two years after GM closed the facility. County voters approved a property tax measure to fund the purchase.

Tulsa, OK – With Tulsa Public Schools embarking on a school reform process, education researcher and consultant Lawrence Lazotte, winner of the 2009 Brock Prize in Education and a leader in the effective schools movement, shares the common qualities found in effective schools. (Encore Program)

Tulsa, OK – Dr Keith Ballard, Tulsa Public Schools superintendent talks about the district's new Tulsa Teacher Effectiveness Initiative, a comprehensive and accountable school reform effort, which will measure teacher and administrator effectiveness with performance pay incentives for high performers and a call for the removal of ineffective educators. The district has set ambitious five year goals to raise the four year graduation rate in the district from 70 to 85%, and college readiness from 7% to 32%.

Tulsa, OK – Steve Liggett, artistic director of Living Arts of Tulsa, discusses the arts group's new move to the Brady Arts District, the first of many arts projects to come to fruition for the area just north of downtown Tulsa. Liggett also shares the vision for Living Arts which is celebrating its 40th Anniversary, and how their new home will help the interdisciplinary bleeding-edge arts group achieve their mission.