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Doug Brown

How did you learn to love classical music? You may be one of the more than 40 million people in America - an eighth of the population - who played in a wind band, something that changes you forever. The band community is large and you may be surprised by number of compositions written for wind bands. Host Doug Brown has a huge library and loves to share it with you. Play your part, join us at the gathering place for people who love band music, Wind & Rhythm.

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6:55 pm
Fri July 5, 2013

The Big Apple: Wind & Rhythm Celebrates NYC's Compelling Spirit

They have topped out the skyscraper in New York that started out with the name Freedom Tower but has been formally named One World Trade Center. It is gorgeous and is the tallest building in the western hemisphere. What an incredible accomplishment for a city that shows it’s steely resolve. 

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9:32 am
Thu June 27, 2013

Wind & Rhythm: Patriotic in the Park

Credit Wikimedia Commons

It won’t be long until we celebrate Independence Day... at least that is the official celebration. On the 4th of July in 1776 the members of congress of the thirteen original states finally came to agreement and signed the Declaration of Independence. As history informs us, it wasn’t until 1781 that the war was over... 5 years. Of course there were subsequent battles, but every year on the 4th of July we have a chance to celebrate... How we actually celebrate is a personal matter, but in the parks of America, there are wind bands playing patriotic music to remind us of our freedom. 

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What's New?
10:40 am
Tue March 27, 2012

Wind & Rhythm Now Airs in Dallas

Tulsa's own Doug Brown adds his program to the WRR lineup beginning April 1, 2012

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