Zoo Bids Tiger Cub Goodbye

Oct 9, 2012

The Tulsa Zoo won’t get to keep its six-week old tiger cub Berani.

He’s leaving town tomorrow and will be taken up to the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma Washington, to be raised alongside another tiger cub of the same age.

That’s because Burani’s mother lost interest in him shortly after birth, and vet Jen Kilburn says he needs to be raised with other tigers. She hopes, in the future, that wouldn’t have to happen.

"We have a new tiger exhibit that the architects are actually working on the final drawings and plans and all that for," she said, "and we're hoping to break ground on that next year."

The projected opening will be in 2015, and it will provide space for more than just the two tigers the Zoo currently has. 

The Zoo sent Berani away instead of bringing the other cub to Tulsa, due to lack of space. With the new exhibit, that wouldn't have to be the case.