12:53 pm
Mon November 25, 2013

Ziva Branstetter, the Enterprise Editor at the Tulsa World, Addresses the Onging Roll-Out of the ACA

Everyone knows, as even President Obama himself has recently admitted, that the arrival of the Affordable Care Act has been, frankly, a disaster. So far, anyway. But what happens next? And more precisely, what happens next in our neck of the woods? Our guest on StudioTulsa on Health is Ziva Branstetter, the Enterprise Editor at the Tulsa World, a longtime investigative reporter here in our community who's been covering the roll-out of the ACA across the state of Oklahoma, tracking the law's implementation and parameters as well as its implications while also aiming to present --- in story after well-crafted story --- the research-based facts of Obamacare rather than the politics-driven hype surrounding it. She's also participated in a fine investigative series for the World lately concerning non-profit hospitals and "charity care" throughout the Sooner State. She speaks with guest host John Henning Schumann about all the above, and much more, on this edition of ST on Health.

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