Young Professionals Meet Up in Tulsa

Jun 5, 2013

Networking, media and government relations are some of the topics of conversations at a conference for Oklahoma’s young professionals.

One attendee, Amber Neville, works for Miratech Corporation.

“Getting networked and engaged with some of these professionals on their level,” she said, “has been really inspiring, and also it’s nice to put a face to a name and make a peronsal connection with somebody.”

She’s particularly interested in perspectives on networking for the purposes of entrepreneurship.

“One of the points that (Lt.) Governor Lamb brought up, I didn’t know this, but 92 percent of all businesses in our state are small businesses,” she said. “We really are run by a bunch of small businesses.”

Lt. Governor Lamb, who hosted the conference at the Tulsa Convention Center, said Tulsa is a particularly appropriate place because of the success of its young professionals group.

He said he hoped that some attendees took the opportunity to network specifically regarding aid to those affected by tornado disasters in the middle of the state.

He says although the tornado destruction has gotten a lot of national media attention, he doesn’t think it will stop young people from choosing to come here.

Referring to his private business experience, he said, “We expanded in different states, and not once, when we were going to expand or open an office in another state, not once did we say, Well, let’s look at the farmer’s almanac for that state.”

“It was all just business decisions and business policy,” he said, “and how it would impact our line of work.”