You are Entering the Cone Zone

Tulsa, OK – Tulsa Road Projects to be funded with Stimulus Dollars:
1-) Mohawk Blvd- Cincinnati to Hartford/ Cost $1.9 million
2)-31st Street- 129th to 145th East/Cost $1.5 million
3)-Yale Avenue- Admiral to Pine/Cost $1.6 million
4)-Southwest Blvd- 23rd Street to Arkansas River/Cost $2.03 million
5)-Mingo Road and Admiral Traffic Circle/Cost $1.17 million
6)-Harvard Ave- 11th to Admiral/Cost $2.1 million
7)-41st Street-Sheridan Road to I-44/Cost $ million
8)-Sheridan Road- 11th to Admiral/ Cost $1.8 million
9)-Sheridan Road-11th to 21st /Cost $2.9 million

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