Writer Walter Mosley and His New Mystery Novel: "Known to Evil"

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On our show today, we offer a chat with the bestselling author Walter Mosley, who's written a good 20 or 30 books or so --- both fiction and non-fiction --- over the course of his award-winning career. Mosley's latest book, just out, is a mystery called "Known to Evil." It's the second novel in his series featuring a New York City-based "fix-it guy" named Leonid McGill. (The first book in that series, which appeared last year, was "The Long Fall.") As Mosley tells our host Rich Fisher, he has also recently witnessed the staging of his very first play (by a regional theatre company in Cincinnati). And finally on this edition of StudioTulsa, our commentator Connie Cronley is thinking about another great American mystery writer of our time: namely, the late Robert B. Parker. However, as Connie points out, Parker --- quite late in his career --- also wrote a trio of wonderful novels in the Western genre. All three of these books feature a John Wayne-like protagonist named Virgil Cole, whom Connie says she already misses very dearly.