From the Writer Jim Powell: "The Breaking of Eggs"

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On this edition of our show, we speak by phone with the British writer Jim Powell, who's just published his first novel (which is now available as a Penguin Paperback Original). It's a witty, page-turning, globe-trotting book entitled "The Breaking of Eggs." In this tale, our hero is a 61-year-old man named Feliks, a displaced Pole and former Communist now living in Paris. The year is 1991, the Wall has recently come down, and suddenly Feliks finds that he's no longer able to make a living --- for years, he authored travel guides for the countries behind the Iron Curtain. Now, it seems, everything has changed in his world: professionally, personally, politically, etc. Indeed, for Feliks, life itself is falling apart --- nothing really makes sense anymore. So, when an American publisher offers to buy out his life's work, Feliks must travel to the very nation he has long despised. While there, he eventually confronts --- and, engrossingly, challenges --- his own notions of home, family, politics, and identity.