The World of Art, and the Teaching of Art, According to S.K. Duff.

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Today, we chat with the Tulsa-born, New York-based artist and art teacher S.K. Duff. Duff has a collection of recently completed neoexpressionist artworks on view at the Living Arts Gallery in downtown Tulsa (near 4th and Kenosha); the new show is called "Inside-R-Out" --- and there will be a gallery opening and reception tonight (the 30th) at Living Arts from 6 until 9 pm (with an Artist's Talk scheduled for 7pm tonight). The works in this show, as Duff tells our host Rich Fisher, are greatly influenced by the artist's far-flung travels and investigations in the realms of outsider art and folk art --- and, as well, by children's dreams and fears. (Duff is also scheduled to give a spoken-work performance at Living Arts tomorrow night [the 31st], and then an Educational Workshop --- aimed at both students and teachers --- on Saturday the 1st; for more on these events, be sure to visit An award-winning and socially committed art educator, Duff is also an enthusiastic and passionate communicator --- and he has many interesting insights and asides to share on our program today about both art and the teaching of it.