The Working-Class Heroines of Gloucester, Maine --- "Northshore Fish: A Play"

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On today's show, we chat with Lisa Wilson, a longtime faculty member in the University of Tulsa's Theatre Department. Wilson is directing a play called "Northshore Fish," which TU Theatre is presenting from Wednesday the 2nd through Sunday the 6th in Kendall Hall on the TU campus. (For show times and ticket info, call 631-2567.) As Wilson explains, the play depicts three generations of women in a smalltown fish factory in Maine --- women who have shared work, men, and break-ups, and who are now collectively confronting the demise of the town's only industry. Written in the 1980s by the Obie award-winning playwright and screenwriter Israel Horovitz, the play is a dark comedy that wears its hard truths lightly --- yet visibly. "Northshore Fish" also has an economic-downturn subplot that will resonate with many of today's audience members. Also on our program, commentator Barry Friedman shares a few musings on that all-too-familiar yet perhaps inevitable mode of thought and expression: the cliche.