Workers Comp: Front and Center

Feb 5, 2013

Owasso Senator Rick Brinkley talks with reporters today at the state capitol as other senators watch.
Credit KWGS News/State of Oklahoma

It's day two of the legislative session, and the focus is already on worker's compensation reform. Owasso State Senator Rick Brinkley is pushing reform.

 BRINKLEY: “The greatest road block to a strong economy, is Oklahoma’s adversarial workers compensation system.”

At a state capitol news conference, Brinkley says the system is not helping injured workers and is bad for business.

BRINKLEY: “The adversarial system is not designed to help injured workers to get the care they deserve quickly and get back to work. The system is designed to drag cases out and drag out costs. It is bad for workers; it is bad for business.”

He made the comments as lawmakers discussed their priorities with the capitol media late this morning.