Workers' Comp Back Before the Legislature

Jan 15, 2013

Senate President Pro-Tem Brian Bingman of Saulpa.
Credit State of Oklahoma-File photo

As Oklahoma lawmakers prepare to head back to work, the Senate President Pro-Tem lays out his priorities. Sapulpa Republican Brian Bingman says an old topic will be back in the spotlight, worker’s compensation reform.

BINGMAN: “If we are really serious about our message of jobs and economic growth, it has to begin with comprehensive, meaningful, wholesale reform of our run-away workers compensation system.”                                      

Far from a glitzy topic, Bingman says it is one of the biggest problems facing Oklahoma.

BINGMAN: “We have a status-quo, inefficient, ineffective adversarial system.  It is bad for business and worst of all, it does do a very good job on what we say it needs to do.”

The new session begins in less than a month.