Workers to Be Paid

Tulsa, OK – 700 Tulsa County workers to be paid for snow days

TULSA, Okla. (AP) Tulsa County officials say about 700 employees will be paid for five days they did not work because recent snowstorms resulted in the closure of county offices.

Officials tell the Tulsa World the payments will cost the county about $575,000. County Commission chairman Fred Perry says the workers are being paid because the decision to close the county administration building was made by management.

Perry says the workers are being asked to "work diligently" and do "whatever's necessary to catch up."

The county's decision to pay the workers is similar to how the state is handling employees who weren't required to be at work during the snowstorms.

Terry Tallent, the county's director of personnel, says the county does not have a written policy concerning snow days.

(Information in the following story is from: Tulsa World,